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Dental Crowns

 Lifetime Dental Specializes in Dental Crowns in Lake Forest

dental crowns

A crown is an option to cover a tooth that has lost a lot of their structure and fill gaps to help restore your smile if you have damaged teeth. Unlike dentures that can be taken out daily, crowns are cemented onto existing teeth, which can only be removed by a dentist. There are various types of crowns, including full porcelain and full metal crowns. One of our experienced dentists will be able to explain the advantages and disadvantages of each kind and help you choose the best option based on your needs.

How do Dental Crowns Work?

A crown has a couple of ways it can improve a tooth. First of all, it can be used to cover a damaged tooth and strengthen it; it can also be used to improve the appearance, shape, and alignment of the tooth. Dental crowns are matched to the color of your natural teeth to make them appear as close to your regular teeth as possible. There are various materials that are used for dental crowns, including porcelain, ceramic, gold, metal and acrylic. Typically, most patients will have dental crowns made of porcelain that is bonded to a metal shell due to the strength and aesthetic appeal it provides.

Dental crowns are also able to securely attach a bridge if the structure of the surrounding teeth is inadequate. A bridge is a dental appliance that is used to replace one or more missing teeth. They are designed to be aesthetically appealing and to restore proper occlusion. Like crowns, bridges are fully customizable and made of various materials, including porcelain and metals. Although not as permanent as a crown, bridges are bonded to the surrounding teeth and can only be removed by your dentist.

There are several benefits a dental crown can provide, including the following:

  • A poorly shaped tooth by covering it
  • A tooth that has had a root canal by covering it
  • A fractured tooth by restoring it
  • A weak tooth by providing protection

Our dentists can further go over with you the advantages of dental crowns and determine if you are a good candidate for one.

How Long do Dental Crowns Last?

Dental crowns are designed to last a lifetime; however, it is possible for them to come loose or fall out. To ensure your dental crowns last as long as possible, it is important to practice good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing and making regular dental visits for professional cleanings. Additionally, avoid chewing ice and hard foods to prevent damage to your dental crown.

What to Expect During the Procedure

Normally, the dental crown procedure requires two separate dental visits. During your first visit, one of our highly skilled dentists will examine the tooth and ensure that it is able to support a crown. They will then begin to file down the tooth to prepare for the crown; if the tooth appears broken or severely damaged, the tooth may need to be filled in to allow it to properly receive the crown. Next, the dentist will take an impression of the tooth so a permanent crown can be created specifically for you. We will provide you with a temporary crown until the final crown is ready to be placed.

During your second visit, the permanent crown will be positioned and fastened onto the tooth. Once the procedure is complete, you will have a crown that should function and feel like a natural tooth.

Getting your Dental Crown at Lifetime Dental

At Lifetime Dental in Lake Forest, CA, our goal is to provide you with personalized care exceptional service. Our friendly and experienced staff are all here to help our patients choose the best option for their specific needs and deliver excellent results. We are proud to offer a full range of dental services, including dental crowns, cosmetic, general and preventive dentistry.

If you have a weak or damaged tooth that needs a dental crown, please contact us today. Our skilled dentists are here to discuss with you the goals, needs and concerns you have in order for a customized treatment plan can be created. Call us today at 949-581-8109 to schedule an appointment.

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