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Ridge Augmentation

Ridge Augmentation Lake Forest CA | Lifetime Dental

When a tooth gets extracted, the natural contour of the gums and jaw may have gotten lost due to bone loss. When a tooth is removed, an empty socket is left in the bone that surrounds the roots of the teeth. This empty socket can heal on its own, but sometimes the bone surrounding the socket will break, making it unable to heal and the socket can continue to deteriorate. A ridge augmentation is a common dental procedure performed after a tooth extraction to help recreate this natural contour.

What is Ridge Augmentation and Why is it Important?

Your teeth are stabilized when you chew by sitting in the socket. When a tooth gets extracted, the socket can start to lose its function and deteriorate. When you preserve the socket, you help maintain the shape of your jaw. Ridge augmentation is an important procedure in order to recreate the natural contour of the gums and jaw in order for future implants to be placed. If a patient does not get a ridge augmentation, they can experience the following:

  • Bone resorption, or deterioration, which can require more extensive bone grafting for future dental implants.
  • Indentations in your gums and jaw that look unnatural.
  • Less able to recreate the original appearance of your mouth.

At Lifetime Dental in Lake Forest, CA, we have the experience and skills required to perform ridge augmentation with excellent results so you can have dental implants in the future.

How is the Procedure Accomplished?

A ridge augmentation procedure is performed by lifting the gums and placing ridge augmentation bone graft material in the empty socket to restore the ridge of your jawbone to its previous shape and is often done immediately after the tooth is removed. After this has been done, the gum tissue will be placed over the socket and secured with sutures. Your mouth will be given time to heal and afterward, the augmented ridge can be prepared for a dental implant.

Recovering from Ridge Augmentation

We will provide you with detailed instructions after your ridge augmentation procedure. In order to aid in the healing process, we may ask you to limit your physical activity for the first few days to minimize bleeding. We can provide you with a temporary tooth replacement option for you to use while your mouth is healing. Once the ridge has healed, we can move forward with your dental implant procedure.

Who is a Candidate for Ridge Augmentation?

There are many patients who can benefit from the ridge augmentation procedure. If you have any of the following, a ridge augmentation may be the right option for you:

  • You had a tooth extraction, after which the bone or gum tissue did not heal properly.
  • You will be having a tooth extraction and plan to have dental implants in the future.
  • You have conventional dentures and the surrounding tissues have deteriorated.
  • You have severe gum disease, such as periodontitis, and have a build up of bacteria and toxins.
  • You have had a traumatic injury to the mouth, causing teeth to be knocked out or damage to the gums.
  • You have bone loss due to untreated gaps in the teeth.

A person who is an ideal candidate for this procedure will have the following:

  • Be in good general health to ensure the surgery goes smoothly.
  • Be in good dental and oral health.
  • Be willing to take the care needed to maintain a healthy ridge.

When you receive your consultation from one of our dentists, they will be able to go over with you these factors and determine if you are a good candidate for ridge augmentation.

Find Out How Ridge Augmentation Can Help You

Our friendly staff and experienced dentists want to help you feel confident with your smile again. We are dedicated to delivering excellent results for our patients and provide them with the gentle care that they deserve. If you are in need of a ridge augmentation or want to find out more about ridge augmentation, please call us at 949-581-8109. One of our highly skilled dentists will discuss your goals, expectations, and concerns with you, and will help you decide which option is best for your needs.

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